Community & Economic Development Activities

Merging Technology & Community Development

Women Who Tech Too Much….in the Park

Sometimes learning about computers can be scary. Our “Women Who Tech Too Much …. in the Park” series, provides a fun, comfortable, open, and natural learning atmosphere. Participants have so much fun, they forget they are learning! This program has many objectives. Because the series takes place in the park, children can see for themselves that adults are happy and excited about learning. Passersby also find the allure of an outdoor classroom enticing and will be encouraged to participate. Although the series is called, Women Who Tech Too Much, our programs are non-exclusive and take place in neighborhoods where the digital divide is the widest.

We Walk

Our We Walk program is dedicated to healthier and safer communities. Through the use of sophisticated online scheduling, we bring together health enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike.

Research -> Develop -> Apply

1st Sphere CEDC is dedicated to basic and applied research/development in the integration of health & human services, housing, safety and ethics in computer science and software engineering. Researchers focus on more than 50 areas and collaborate with leading academic, government and industry researchers to advance the state of the art.

Ethics in Technology

Our Ethics in Technology program focuses on helping communities understand and use online resources and training, such as homeownership, finance and education. We advocate for more community cohesion in tech tools and programs.


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